Kiman Faris

Kiman Faris was de oude hoofdstad van de Fayoum van het oude koninkrijk tot de Romeinse tijd, Kiman Faris betekent in het Arabisch (Ruitersheuvel) nu de ruïne, bekend onder de verschillende namen van Shedty, Crocodilpolis en Arsinoe. Cultcentrum van de krokodilgod Sobek

Kiman Faris

Kiman Faris was the ancient Capital of the Fayoum from the old Kingdom to the Roman time, Kiman Faris means in Arabic(Horseman`s mounds) is now the ruin, Known by the various names of Shedty, Crocodilpolis, and Arsinoe, It was the Cult Center of the Crocodile God Sobek. It covers 4 K.m in its heyday, Although at the beginning of this Century is still covered  300 Feddans( Each roughly equal to an Acre), Now less than 10 Feddans of rubble remain.

The rest have been covered over the expanding Modern City, Most of our Knowledge of Kiman Faris is contained in numerous Papyri found in the Era. and most of the Monuments were transferred to Kom Aushim

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