Sharm El Luli

Sharm El Luli het ongerepte witte zand en vijftig tinten blauw van de wateren van Ras Hankorab. Deze plek staat plaatselijk bekend als Sharm El Luli. Hier doe je je masker en vinnen op en loop je gewoon vanaf het steenvrije strand het water in. Het strand heeft een zeer vriendelijke helling .

Sharm El Luli

Sharm El Luli or Ras Hankorab is located some 60km south of Marsa Alam town, The pristine white sands and fifty shades of blue of the waters of Ras Hankorab. This spot is locally known as Sharm El Luli . Here's where you put on your mask and fins and just walk into the water right from the stone-free beach. The beach has a very kind gradient so you can wade in effortlessly. 
After two minutes of swimming, you are entering another world that looks like a magical underwater forest.


If you are looking for colorful corals with different fish types and virgin beach it’s Sharm El Luli the sands are white and looks like pearls under the sun the sea is clear and reflects the color of the corals.

The coral formations at Sharm El Luli are truly fairytale stuff. The fish life here is interesting with so many different species. The vibrant colors, shapes, and sizes of dozens of different corals are just stunning. It is very encouraging Sharm El Luli hasn’t lost its charm. You just feel like drifting away and dream your own underwater dream. 

The beach itself is pretty spartan though with no shade structures of any sort. You may find shelter in the Bedouin tent where coffee and tea are brewed and served the traditional way.


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