7 Day tour Packages from Marsa Alam

Book now your Marsa Alam tour package during your holiday in Marsa Alam, Our tour package in Marsa Alam include a Trip to shaab Samadai dolphin house, Trip to shaab satayah, Abu Dabab beach, Marsa Moubrak beach,and sharm el Lulli and Wadi El Qulaan.

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Enjoy7 days tour package from Marsa Alam , Our tour package in Marsa Alam include a Trip to shaab Samadai dolphin house, a Trip to shaab satayah, Abu Dabab green turtles beach, Marsa Mubarak, and Sharm el Lulli and Wadi El Qulaan.

Day 1- Transfer from Marsa Alam airport to the Hotel

Marsaalamtours Our representative will pick you up from  Marsa Alam  Airport to your hotel in  Marsa Alam , transfer by our air-conditioned modern vehicles to  Marsa Alam  Hotels, moreover, our representative will offer one bottle of Mineral water to each person.

Day 2- Shaab Samadai dolphin reef

Snorkeling at Sha’ab Samadai Dolphin house
Marsaalamtours representative will pick you up from your hotel in   Marsa Alam  then you will be escorted to the marina of   Marsa Alam . Board your boat to start your exciting trip to the Dolphin House, which is known also as ‘’Sha’ab Samadai’’. An amazing place for all snorkeling lovers, simply to have a view of the dolphins near the reefs. You will have a short briefing about the snorkeling site, Samadai (dolphin house) from the snorkeling guide before reaching the site, then you will enjoy snorkeling with dolphins on the beautiful Red Sea.
You will get two snorkeling stops around the reefs where dolphins live, each stop for about 45 minutes with a time for rest in-between to get drinks and snacks on board the boat. If you have always dreamt of swimming with dolphins in their natural habitat, this unforgettable trip to the Dolphin House “Samadai Reef” will give you the chance to do so.

The name ‘dolphin house’ has been given, as the reef itself is shaped like a horseshoe, giving protection from the wind and sea and a perfect place for the spinner dolphins to rest and play. A unique chance to discover these beautiful resident marine mammals happy to swim and play with visiting snorkelers and scuba divers for hours at a time, You may even get the chance to come face to face with the dolphins as they roam wild and free here, If you are patient and fortunate enough to get the chance to swim with these fascinating creatures, you will be rewarded with a magical experience that will be well worth the wait.
You may then snorkel again in an area called Shaab   Marsa Alam  for a while before we go back to   Marsa Alam  port for your transfer back to your hotel in   Marsa Alam . Buffet style lunch and drinks will be served onboard the boat to make this a special day out to the Dolphin House.

07:30: pick-up from hotels
08:30: arrival to   Marsa Alam   harbor
08:45: start sailing
09:15: arrival to Samadai reef where we do 02 snorkeling stops and take lunch on the boat.
15:30: return to the harbor
16:30: arrival at the hotel.

In details:

Dat 3- Abu Dabab Green turtles beach

Enjoy a day snorkeling trip from   Marsa Alam  to Abu Dabab beach. Abu Dabbab is one of the most famous dive sites in the Red Sea and of all of Egypt. It is one of the few places in the world where you can dive with the very rare and endangered Dugong aka the Sea Cow and the Green Sea Turtles.

07:30: pick-up from hotels
08:30: arrival at Abu Dabab beach
08:45: Get your snorkeling equipment and start your first  snorkeling
09:45: Rest at the beach
10:30:  Your second snorkeling 
11:30: Rest at the beach
12:00: Drive back to the hotel

1-You can Join an extra amazing trip ( look for the dugong with speed boat from the beach). You get more luck to see the Dugong. This trip starts at 14:00 pm and takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes It will cost 40$ per person 

2- You add one dive from the beach includes Equipment 40 $ per one dive 

Day 4- Marsa Moubrak boat trip

Take a boat trip to Marsa Mubarak, which is considered one of the most beautiful snorkels and dive sites in the area of  Marsa Alam . During this tour, you will be able to explore the protected bay of Marsa Mubarak, which shows some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the Red Sea and the magnificent underwater seascapes. The crystal clear warm water of this site hosts a great variety of flora and fauna. If you are lucky, you may even get a glimpse of the endangered Dugong “sea cow”, which occasionally visit this sheltered bay to graze on the seagrass. The trip Starts from Port Ghalib

08:00: pick-up from hotels
09:00: arrival at Portghalib Harbour
10:15: arrival at the first snorkeling stop “Marsa el Shauna
12:00: Lunch Time at the Boat
13:00: Snorkeling at  Marsa Mubarak
15:30: Back to the Harbour and drive to the hotel

Day 5 -Shaab Satayh- Dolphin Reef

Snorkeling trip to Satayh “ Dolphin Reef “ from   Marsa Alam  to have an experience of snorkeling and seeing a group of 60 - 80 dolphins will dance in front of your eyes and playing with these amazing animals, and enjoy the deliciously prepared lunch by the onboard your boat before getting back to your hotel.

Day 6- Sham el Lulli - Wadi El Qulaan

Enjoy   Sharm El Luli   Tours and El Qulaan from   Marsa Alam  or  Port Ghalib, Relaxing day in a natural area! You will be collected from your hotel in   Marsa Alam  and taken to the beautiful   Sharm El Luli   Tour, Here you will spend the day in a snorkeling area,   Sharm El Luli  is a particularly rewarding place to explore the underwater world .after half-day snorkeling then drive to El Qulaan, This is really a great place to unwind and have a great swim in the lake. The water in the lake is extremely warm and good for those with rheumatic pains Then you can walk in the shallow water to the great mangrove tree beyond which there is an amazing open sea. This is a truly magical place. a world with great scenery and extreme serenity. taste the original Bedouin coffee in the tent close to the lake beach and relax for a while. The lunch served in the tent at the entrance of Qullan was very nice particularly the fried fish.

Day 7-International departure

Check out - transfer to  Marsa Alam  airport for final departure


  • All transfers from and to your hotel
  • Lunch meal on board the boat
  • drinks “tea, coffee, Bottled water, cola”
  • Snorkeling equipment ( mask - fins-life jacket ) are included
  • Snorkeling trip by boat include 2 snorkeling stops
  • Snorkeling guide assistance
  • All Service charges & taxes


  • Tipping
  • Any extra which is not mentioned

Please remember to bring:

  • Copy of your passports
  • Towel
  • Suncream


7 Day tour Packages from Marsa Alam

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