Sakkara travel guide

Sakkara was a Principal Necropolis of the Ancient  City Memphis, situated some 17 K.m from Giza Plateau, which was used from the 1st  Dynasty till the Christian Period. Sakkara served as the official Necropolis of Egypt`s main Capital City ( Memphis). The name of the site, Maybe derived from the God-Sokar- Or from an Arab tribe once a resident in the Area

The Step Pyramid of Djoser at Sakkara

The Step Pyramid Complex of Djoser is undoubtedly the most splendid monument at Saqqarah and it is unique in F.gyptian architecture. This remarkable building-the work of Imhotep, the chief of works of Djoser, the second king of the 3 Dynasty.

Serapeum at Sakkara

Serapeum, the burial place of the Apis bulls, The Serapeum of Saqqara has been a continuous source of speculation and mystery since its re-discovery in 1850. Even now, no theory has been able to explain exactly how or why the 24 giant sarcophagi were moved to the site.

the mastaba Akhethotep and his son Ptahhotep at Sakkara

the mastaba Akhethotep and his son Ptahhotep at Sakkara. Akhethotep and Ptahhotep were Several high officials

The Mastaba of Mereruka at Sakkara

Mastaba of Mereruka (good name Mera), situated just beside the Pyramid of Teti. The largest mastaba in Sakkara, containing 32 rooms, this is a family tomb; Mereruka's wife and son Meri-Teti are buried in chambers beneath.

The Pyramids of Dahshur

 Dahshur is located about 40 kilometres southwest of Cairo, the village of Dahshur marks the southern end of the vast pyramid field that begins at Giza. Excavations at Dahshur have revealed the remains of seven pyramids

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