Egypt Travel Guide

Egypt travel guide to the history and culture of Egypt and all of the sites you will see during your trip, Provided from Marsa Alam Tour to Discover Egypt, Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Port Ghalib, Port Said and all Egypt destinations. Egypt's history is much longer than most countries'. In over 5000 years, many important figures have emerged and countless events and tours have shaped history and culture in the Coptic Cairo, the great Luxor and Aswan by cruising the best Nile Cruises. Also, don't miss the experience of Lake Nasser cruises, Nile steamer cruise, long Nile cruise. This Egypt travel tips will tell you about the most famous attractions, cities and historical places to explore Egypt's past from ancient times up to the present.

Red Sea And Sinai Guide

Red Sea Guide provide Information about Red Sea Governate cities as Hurghada and Marsa Alam , Information about the resorts and touristic cities on Egypt’s Red Sea coast and in the Sinai Peninsula

Luxor Attractions

Information about the history of Luxor and all of the most significant sites around the city. Luxor is basically an open-air museum, and there's no better place in Egypt to stop for a few days and simply lose yourself in the wonders of the ancient world.

Nile River Cruises Egypt

Nile cruise between Aswan and Luxor is a ‘must do’ excursion when visiting Egypt. Modern luxury Nile cruise ships companies have done everything to create the utmost comfort and ensure the best of entertainment is available, creating a pleasurable atmosphere for you to enjoy and discover over 5,000


Sprawled across a calcareous tableland which is surrounded by use long chain of Libyan mountain ranges and rimmed to the north and south by two wadis is Giza, 11 kilometres (6.8 miles) south-west of Cairo. Although it is associated with the grandeur and tradition of the Fourth Dynasty

Cairo Guide

Join us with cultural tours to know more about Cairo the capital of Egypt and, with a total population in excess of 16 million people, one of the largest cities in both Africa and the Middle East - the regions which it conveniently straddles - It is also the 19th largest city in the world

Western Desert of Egypt

The most exciting aspect of traveling in the Western Desert is feeling that Great age of the desert exploration is not over, Making your own way into the interior of the desert and riding the wind to an ancient fort is one of the few great adventures left in the world, (Cassandra Vivian)

Marsa Alam Hotels

Enjoy Marsa Alam Staying with best Hotels, five Stars Marsa Alam Hotels, Brayka Resorts , Blue Vision Diving Hotel, Moon Resort, Royal Brayka Beach Resort, Dream Lagoon, Garden Lagoon, Three Corners Aqua, Sea View Rihana Guest House, Fantazia Resort and all Marsa Alam Hotels

Blue Shadow Nile cruise Egypt

Blue Shadow Nile Cruise is a Brand New 5 Stars Luxury Nile Cruise Started Operated November 2015. It consists of 54 double cabins,01 Royal suite,03 Presidential suites

Cairo hotels

The #1 Best Value of 450 places to stay in Cairo. Free Wifi. Pool. Special offer. Hotel website. Fairmont Nile City. Show Prices. #2 Best Value of 450 places to stay in Cairo. Free Wifi. Pool. Special offer. Hotel website. Kempinski Nile Hotel Cairo

Tips for Visiting Pyramids of Giza in Egypt

If you’re visiting the Pyramids for the first time, it’s important to be prepared and know more than you need than regret you knew something after your visit.

The Best Time to Visit Egypt

The best time to visit Egypt is from October to April when temperatures are at their most pleasant. However, December and January constitute peak tourist season, when temperatures are cooler, but still pleasantly warm across the country.

Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam is a resort town on the Red Sea in Egypt,Twenty years ago Marsa Alam was a sleepy fishing village, but the region’s beautiful beaches and its’ virgin coral reefs are set to make it a prime holiday spot. Situated 200 kilometers south of Hurghada , Marsa Alam rapidly increased in popularity.

Egypt Travel Lines

Everything you need to know to plan 2 weeks in Egypt and explore the ancient wonders and temples along the Nile – Cairo, Aswan, Luxor , and Hurghada .

El Quseir tours

Discover most attractive tours in El Quseir , Things to do and outdoor activities

Sakkara travel guide

Sakkara was a Principal Necropolis of the Ancient  City Memphis, situated some 17 K.m from Giza Plateau, which was used from the 1st  Dynasty till the Christian Period. Sakkara served as the official Necropolis of Egypt`s main Capital City ( Memphis). The name of the site, Maybe derived from the God

Alexandria travel guide

Find Alexandria travel guide , Alexander the Great founded it. Queen Cleopatra lorded over it. Alexandria 's birth and early history is a calling card of famous names. This was the Mediterranean's dazzling jewel of a city, home to the Great Library of Alexandria and the colossal Pharos Lighthouse

Al Minya Attractions

Al Minya is one of the most important archaeological sites in Egypt. Tell El Amarana (Akhenaton) was the Capital City of the King Akhnaton called by some the heretic king. Bani Hassan with the amazing tombs of the rulers of the old City, Tuna el Gebel and El Ashmunein

Bahariya oasis in Western Desert

Bahariya is the closest oasis to Cairo, in Past when people from Bahariya wished to go to the Nile valley, they often waited until a caravan was passing through,They traveled between the Nile and the oasis in three days

Egypt Holiday Packages

Browse our Holiday Packages now and pick your favourite one! We offer a wide range of Holiday Packages to suit any taste, choose your Holiday Packages and know more about Ancient Egypt, take Nile Cruises to Aswan, Book now your holiday Packages

Aswan attractions

Find Aswan Attractions and sightseeing, Aswan is a relaxed and friendly town that provides a tranquil interlude if you've just arrived from busier Luxor or Cairo. Aswan, a town on the Northern border of Nubia, was once one of the most important cities in Egyp.

The Nile Delta

The Nile Delta (Arabic: دلتا النيل‎ Delta an-Nīl or simply الدلتا ad-Delta) is the delta formed in Lower Egypt where the Nile River spreads out and drains into the Mediterranean Sea. It is one of the world's largest river deltas—from Alexandria in the west to Port Said in the east, it covers 240 km

Fayoum Tours

We offer different trips from fayoum Oasis, If you are staying in fayoum and you are you looking for trips in El fayoum to discover this beautiful oasis, The fayoum , located less than a hundred kilometers from Cairo and with its rich heritage of flora and fauna and archaeology

Alexandria Tours

We offer tours in  Alexandria ,Discover the old Greco-Roman Capital of Egypt,Visit the new Library of Alexandria ,the Roman Catacombs Kom El shoqafa,The Citadel of Sultan Qeitbay and Pompei pillar, Book your tours from Alexandria to Cairo, Luxor and Aswan & Nile cruise. If you want to visit  the Pyramid

Damietta tours

We offer different trips from Damietta, If you are staying in Damietta and you are you looking for trips in Damietta to discover this beautiful City.We will help you to do all tours from Damietta to discover all of Egypt.

Covid 19 Travel Information Egypt

Your safety is our top priority. And we’re here to help. As borders reopen and people resume their travel plans, new restrictions and government policies are being put in place to ensure safe travel. To help you make or modify your travel plans accordingly, we’ve provided crucial travel information

Egypt Honeymoon Packages

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Safaga Excursions

Enjoy Hurghada tours, Egypt Tours from Safaga, Safaga excursions, snorkeling, safari, diving, Marsa Alam , Luxor , Aswan, Abu Simbel, Cairo, Nile Cruises , Transfer, and Tour guide

The Ultimate 7 Day Egypt Itinerary

Find The Ultimate 7 Day Egypt itinerary : Cairo, Luxor , Aswan & Abu Simbel in a private trip. The following is the perfect 7-day Egypt itinerary. Seven days is just enough time to visit Aswan, Abu Simbel, Luxor , and Cairo