Western Desert of Egypt

Explore the western desert of Egypt, There are 7 Major depressions in the western desert( Qattara, Kharga,Dakhla, Farafara, Bahariya, Siwa, and Fayoum, In addition, there are minor depressions Including kurkur,Wadi Rayyan,wadi Natrun and Qara

Bahariya oasis

Bahariya is the closest oasis to Cairo,in Past when people from Bahariya wished to go to the Nile valley, they often waited until a caravan was passing through,They traveled between the Nile and the oasis in three days

The white desert

Most visitors to Farafra Oasis go there to see the White Desert, el-Sahara el-Beida, the area to the north-east of Qasr el-Farafra which is renowned for its spectacular scenery. The chalk-white landscape is strewn with alien shapes, The White Desert is a place that is very hard to leave.

Siwa oasis

Siwa oasis lies in the western desert It is 738 km from Cairo, Duration: 8 hours 4 mins. It’s isolated from almost everything and that gives it its uniqueness. visit Siwa oasis gives your eyes, heart and soul fall into deep relaxation you never thought you can have it. Simply divine beauty

El Alamein

El Alamein lies 113 kilometres west of Alexandria Driving distance 1 hour 31 mins, El Alamein takes its name from the twin-peaked hill, Tell El Alamein, upon which it stands. Protected by the sea and in the south by Qattara depression, El Alamein is a strong defensive position, whoever controlled it

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