9 Day Egypt Travel Packages Cairo and Alexandria with the white desert

9 Day Egypt Travel Packages Cairo and Alexandria with the white desert, Included 3 nights in Cairo,1-night Camping in the white desert,1 night in Fayoum oasis, Visit wadi el Hitan and Fayoum attractions then. Visit Alexandria and El Alamein with 1 night in Alexandria.

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9 Day Egypt Travel Packages Cairo and Alexandria with the white desert white-desert Egypt 360 , Included 5 Nights in Cairo. Visit the Pyramids of Giza and the Egyptian Museum ,Travel to Bahariya Oasis and Enjoy 1 Night Camping in the desert ,On this unique adventure, you will see the white desert white-desert Egypt 360 and the black desert ,Travel to Alexandria and Enjoy 1 Night Visit Alexandria and El Alemin and make amazing trip to Fayoum and Visit wadi El Hitan and Fayoum attractions.

Day 1- Arrival day in Cairo

Marsa Alam  tours representative will meet & assist you at  Cairo International Airport, Transfer to hotel by private air-conditioned vehicle, Overnight in the Hotel

No Meals Included

Day 2-The Pyramids of Giza and Cairo Museum

You will be picked up from your hotel in Cairo by our tour guide, to enjoy a great excursion to The   Pyramids of Giza  (   Cheops , Chephren, and Mykerinus . Then proceed to visit the Great Sphinx, which dates back to the time of  and visit   the Valley Temple   

Then visit the Egyptian Museum

the Egyptian Museum

It exhibits a rare collection of over 250,000 genuine artifacts that date as far back as 5000 years, including an exclusive exhibit dedicated to the Tutankhamen - A collection of treasures, gold, and jewelry that were buried in his tomb for over 3,500 years before they were discovered in 1920 when his tomb was excavated.
The entrance fee to the Mummies room is not included. 

Overnight in Cairo- overnight in Cairo


Meals: Breakfast and Dinner

Day 3- Cairo to the white desert

Pick up time At 07:00 from your hotel in Giza or in Cairo , drive to Bahariya Oasis , about 350 km east. This journey takes about 4 hours, there will be breaks during the trip for WC and Coffee,  You will take your 4x4 Jeep and drive to the black desert , The Lunch will be served here in El Haize oasis, Later on, day one, explore the white desert white-desert Egypt 360  National Park, the most well-known desert destination in Egypt. Then drive to valley of Agabat , Valley of Agabat is deep within the white desert white-desert Egypt 360 . You have to be there to feel the out-worldly beauty of the place. Millions of years ago, the place used to be under the sea. Over the years, unique rock formations of limestone, chalk (and maybe sand) developed.  As the sky turns pink then deepest fiery orange, the rock-shapes fade, and silence are all around. Sitting around a small fire and enjoying the simplest meal of chicken, rice, and vegetables, you will feel like nothing has ever tasted so good. Bedouin staff will arrange dinner and desert camping.

Meals: Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner

Day 4- Bahariya oasis- Cairo

you'll enjoy breakfast in the desert, before driving to Bahariya Oasis , On the way back you will visit   Crystal Mountain , Crystal Mountain , locally known as Gebel al-Izzaz. It's more of a crystal hill, seen on the right, which is often called the Jewel of the desert is formed by the quartzite crystals and looks amazing in the sun's rays. A few decades ago, that natural feature has been found by accident. drive to   Bahariya Oasis , Soak in the heat at   Bir Sigam , a hot spring that can help to relax.  Located at 7 km east of Bahariya on the Cairo road, the spring is the best hot spring in temperature, Lunch will be served in Loca restaurant in Bahariya, After lunch, you will discover Bahariya Oasis , The palm and olives fields, Gebel Maghrafa.whre the biggest Diansour( (Stromer's Tidal Giant)  ever discovered in 1914 at the base of Gebel Dist. Lake al-Marun which is the biggest salt lake in   Bahariya Oasis ,

We will visit the tombs of   Bannentiu and Djed-Ankh-Amun-Iuf  (Zed-Amun) The tombs at Qasr Selim (26th Dynasty)In 1938 the Egyptian archaeologist Ahmed Fakhry (1905-1973) discovered four tombs at the ridge of Qarat Qasr Selim. Visit   Bawiti ,   Bawiti  is the Capital of   Bahariya Oasis , Then Visit the Museum of the golden mummies and the temple of Ain El Muftella,   Bahariya Oasis , Then drive to   Cairo

Meals: Breakfast- Lunch & Dinner

Day 5- Alexandria- Overnight

Drive to Alexandria (220 km/ 3 hours driving) to your hotel in central Alexandria facing the Corniche, Afterwards see some of the Graeco-Roman sites in Alexandria including catacombs Serapeum of Ancient Alexandria ( Pompey pillar ), Roman Amphitheatre and Qaitbay Fort. For the evening enjoy some of the city's wonderful Cafe and restaurants.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the dazzling building, opened in 2002 by UNESCO This massive construction houses three museums ( Antiquities museum, Sadat museum, Manuscript museum)

Then Proceed to visit Al Montazah Palace in Alexandria

Overnight in Alexandria

Meals: Breakfast & Lunch

Day 6-El Alamein trip from Alexandria

Pick up time from your hotel  Alexandria at 07:00  and drive to El Alamein ,

.From: Alexandria , Egypt.To: Alamein,
Driving distance: 118 km.
Duration: 1 hour 26 mins.

El Alamein  Controlled the north African coast which opens the way to the whole Egypt and the trade routes to the Far East via the red sea and the Indian Ocean. During the second world war, the Axis powers wanted to dominate Egypt in order to close Britain`s sea routes to its colonial empire, which the British desperate to protect. starting in 1940 with the Italian invasion to Egypt via Libya, The coastal town of Al Diffa was the scene of the ongoing battle.

El Alamein  Museum

The small   El Alamein  museum,  about 1 mile west of the British memorial, is located on the north side of the road, for anyone interested in the war Memorabilia. it is worth a stop. Created in 1965 from debris found on the battlefield, It contains uniforms, Weapons, Flags and other war Paraphernalia. Displays include Photographs and the battle sites

El Alamein  War Cemetery

It was designed by Sir Herbert Worthington and is maintained by the British war graves commission in Cairo , Here 7,367 men from Britain, Newzealand, Australia, South Africa, Greece, France, India and Malaysia are buried in individual graves, while 11,945 men, whose bodies were never found, are honoured in the cloister that precedes the graveyard

Beyond the cloister is the Individual graves, each, topped with white Marker, Approximately 815 soldiers were identified and their names are inscribed over the graves

The German war Memorial

Thee kilometres,west of the Italian marker, the German war memorial is a single octagonal building erected in 1959, overlooks the sea, Patterned after the castle del Monte.the memorial contains the bodies of 4280 German soldiers, at the Entrance, it stands an impressive golden mosaic, to the right of the Entrance is small chapel where families and friends honour the dead with wreaths, Photographs and memorial ribbons.

The Italian Memorial

The Elegant white marble Italian Memorial, the largest structure at   El Alamein  .stands 5 kilometres beyond the German Memorial, it was designed by Paolo Caccia dominoni who served  at El-Alamein and also wrote a book about it

In the Entrance,  there is a small museum and  in the chapel is inscribed ( To 4800 Italian soldiers, sailors and airmen, the desert and the sea did not give back 38,000 who are  missing)

The main memorial overlooks the sea at the to

Drive o Cairo

Meals: Breakfast & Lunch

Day 7- Wadi El Hitan and Fayoum

Pick up from your hotel in Cairo and transferred by air-conditioned Car to El Fayoum oasis in the Western DesertStart the desert adventure with 4x4 Jeep from Tunis village  Qarun lake, Make a Desert Trip to Wadi El Hitan.
It’s ‘ Wadi Al Hitan Wadi-Al-Hitan Egypt 360 ’ The site today is a Protected area and a Natural Heritage Site added in 2005 by the UNESCO as world heritage site, WADI EL-HITAN is also known for scientists in the Zeuglodon Valley, have been discovered in 1936, it is located 35 KM west of the Wadi El-Ryan, right deep into the desert western desert, is It is an area of fossils; considered as an open museum, dates back to 45 million years and contains petrified primitive whales skeletons, shark teeth , shells and roots of Mangroves preserved in soft rocks. Everywhere you go here you find petrified sea shell and corals, Visit the  Fossil & Climate Change Museum Wadi-Al-Hitan#Change_Climate_Museum Egypt 360
 Museum which hosts a variety of whale fossils, and skeletons that are displayed outdoors, as for the museum it has a variety of fossils, skeletons, fossilized mangroves, and ancient seashells exhibited indoors in glass boxes, Enjoy your lunch, watch the sunset at Qusur El Arab, drive to Tunis Village for overnight in  Ecolodge Hotel in Tunis village.

Meals: Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner


Day 8-Fayoum oasis- Cairo

Pick up time from your hotel in  Tunis vallage at 07:00 to discover Fayoum attractions
The Museum of Kom Aushim:
The Museum is Good Place to pick guides to all parts of Fayoum. The Museum was originally erected in 1974. It Exhibits artefacts dating from Prehistoric to Roman Periods it Also Exhibits Fayoum Portrait
( The Lord`s Town) is one of the Largest Greco Roman Cities in the Fayoum. Founded in the Third Century B.c and Originally inhabited by the Mercenaries of Ptolemy the Second`s Army. The City has two temples 

Hawara( Arsinoiton polis)
 It was the site of the Pyramid Complex by Amenemhet III, Dates back to the  twelfth Dynasty 

In 1966 this depression became water reservoir when it was connected with Qarun Lake by underground Pipes
Then Drive to Cairo after visiting the Lake

Meals: Breakfast &Lunch

Day 9- International Departure

International departure

Breakfast at hotel - Departure  airport transfer  or extra nights in Cairo

Meals : Breakfast


  • Meet & assist at Cairo International Airport + transfer to hotel by air-conditioned vehicle  
  • 05 nights accommodation in Cairo including breakfast & all taxes
  • A 02-day tour in Cairo as mentioned in the program including Entrance fees & English speaking guide 
  • 1-night camping in the white desert
  • 1 Night in Fayoum oasis in Ecolodge Hotel
  • 1 Night in Alexanndria
  • Entrance fees to all sites as mentioned in the program
  • Private English speaking guide
  • All service charges and taxes 


  • International flight
  • visa to Egypt
  • Entrance fees inside any of the pyramids or inside the mummy room at the Egyptian Museum. 
  • The above prices are not valid during the Peak Periods (New Year - Christmas - Easter)
  • Any other optional tours if required. 

Please remember to bring:

  • Passport
  • Hat
  • Suncream

3 stars Option

Hotel in Giza:Giza Pyramids view guest house

Hotel in Alexandria:San giovanni stanly hotel. or Plaza Hotel

Hotel in Fayoum :Tebtunis

4 Stars Opion

Hotel in Giza: Pyramids Park resort

Hotel in Alexandria:Steigenberger Cecil Alexandria

Hotel in Fayoum : Byoum Lakeside Hotel 

5 Stars Option

Hotel in Giza: Le Meridien Pyramids Hotel

Hotel in Alexandria:Hilton Alexandria Corniche

Hotel in Fayoum :Byoum Lakeside Hotel


9 Day Egypt Travel Packages Cairo and Alexandria with the white desert

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